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why dont geeks get rss

August 21, 2005

Everyone is always trying to replace RSS. I don't think it's perfect, but it works and it's been widely adopted so why can' t we just run with it? Why not use the namespace support if you want to extend it? Why must geeks invent new "better" versions? Why must they do it in such a way as to confuse the average person who may have some understanding? Case in point:


If you are going to try and replace a de-facto standard like RSS 2.0 then why not at least try and make it simple? Instead, RSS 3 spec states (seemingly proudly) that it encompasses 4 wholly different parts: RSS 3 Lite, RSS 3 Full, RCDL and RRDL

Come on man! People get RSS because it's simple. Trying to replace it with one spec that describes 4 totally different things isn't going to work.

And must you go and name it version 3 as if it supersedes version 2 when it's unlikely to ever do so? All that does is confuse people. At least give it a new name. Calling it RSS is just a blatant ploy to get some press on slashdot.

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