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question 1 kris

September 13, 2006

Response 1 in a series of responses to questions posed in the "have any questions for me" post.

Q: Kris

You mentioned a while back about a product idea you had kicking around outside of HelpSpot. Any news on this front?


I'm sorry to say there's been no progress, in fact I'd say I've moved backward. There's just too much to do in and around HelpSpot right now to even think about a new venture. I have made one decision about any future products which I hope to stick to though. I've decided that I'd like my next product to be ultra simple. Something that truly only does one thing.

Not "one" thing like run your help desk. I'm talking about truly one function with maybe a few supporting screens and that's it. Perhaps it's because HS has so many moving parts, but the idea of selling an ultra simple solution to some problem really appeals to me.

One page websites have been in vogue lately, I wonder if one page apps would be an interesting idea. Kind of like a useless Web 2.0 AJAX homepage site but instead it's an app that actually does something useful in the B2B arena.

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