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isvs wasting their time blogging

October 13, 2005

I made a post just now over on the Joel on Software forums asking what ISV blogs people were currently following. Basically because I've found that almost all the ones I've been following have been abandoned. I miss reading and learning from others in the same boat as me, so I was hoping to get pointed in some new directions.

Anyway, the first response is from a fellow (who sells interesting software, fyi) saying that maybe it's because they're all too busy working on their products to blog. There was a definite snootiness in his tone if I do say so myself.

So basically this post is simply to say that I think that attitude is very misinformed. Let me break down some of my own experience.

  1. My blog has provided me with great insights into my perspective market, mostly from comments left by readers.

  2. My blog has given me connections which have already paid dividends and I expect will pay off even more in the coming months.

  3. My blog has been my only "advertising". Through this medium I created a mailing list of users for my initial beta and might I add that about 50% of the people on the mailing list turned into beta testers. That's an amazingly high conversion ration from my experience with mailing lists.

  4. The beta users who I have firm commitments from will already cover all of my hard expenses (actual money I spent, not lost salary) from right here at the beginning. How many other software companies start with any customers at all much less start profitable?

Perhaps I've taken this too far, but I do feel passionately that having a blog has really helped my business and I think it can help any ISV startup out there who has the guts to be honest.

The thread that started this rant is here:

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