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Ian's Geek Gift Guide 2016

December 12, 2016

I normally keep it businessy around here, but with the holidays upon us I thought I’d share some of the products that have brought me joy this year.

If you’re stuck on what to get some people in your life (or on what to ask for yourself!) maybe this will help.

Duck money clip ($39)

Money clip

The best money clip there is. Holds everything securely and regains it’s shape after you’ve stuffed it full. I’ve used this for years and it’s never let me down. Ditch that fat wallet for the duck.

Buy it.

Canon 50mm 1.4 USM (~$300)

Canon 1.4 50mm

Photo by Jonas Rask ~ review

I’m a Fuji X system photographer and those lenses are fantastic, but when I want to shoot something really contrasty and unique I reach for my Canon 50mm 1.4 USM. This was a lens built in the 50’s and 60’s.

They just don’t make glass like this anymore. It’s a real gem. I recommend taking a look at the review linked above by Jonas Rask if you want to see some great example shots.

As far as camera gear goes this is a real steal, usually available for around $300 in near mint condition on ebay.

One note, you’ll probably need a cheap plastic mount (available on Amazon) to connect this to a modern camera. It’s only a few dollars and works great.

Buy it.

Pure Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier ($49)


I’ve tried all the humidifiers. All of them. Pretty much all of them are horrible. Either they don’t work or they require a ton of maintenance.

If like me you’re mostly bothered by the humidity level at night when you’re sleeping the Pure is fantastic.

It’s design really only supports humidifying the zone of one persons sleep area. If you have a very small bedroom I suppose it may work for two people, but I find it’s best when it’s dumping that humidity right on your head :)

I never sleep without it.

Buy it.

Audible - The Lord of The Rings (~$15/month for Audible)

lot of the rings audio book

Give the gift of Tolkien for the holidays. This is the VERY BEST version of The Lord of The Rings.

Better than the movies? Yes.

Better than reading the books? Yes!

The voice acting in this version (note the cover, this exact version) is simply stunning. If you’ve never heard this version you’re in for a treat.

Buy It.

Bean's Sweater Fleece Full-Zip Jacket

best fleece

This is my favorite fleece. I have it in multiple colors. It’s perfect for layering and works both dressed up a bit and down.

If you’re tall like me, it also comes in tall sizes.

Buy it.

Uniform Wares ($400-$1200)

uniform wares

If you’re into really minimal watches Uniform Wares are great. Not too expensive (for a fancy-ish watch) and they really stand out.

They have nice designs for both guy and girl geeks.

Buy It.

Sieko Orange Monster (~$200 if you can find it)

Orange Monster

This is the one item on this list I don’t actually own.

It’s on here though because I really really want to :)

Very much the opposite of the Uniform Wares watch, Sieko dive watches are big chunky practical tools. There are many varieties of Sieko dive watches and many of them are really great. The Orange Monster is a bit unique and currently in demand.

They’re hard to find online outside of ebay and frankly I’m always a bit nervous about buying something like a watch off ebay.

However, if you’re not or you can find the Orange Monster locally grab it up.

Tao Te Ching ($9)


America got you down?

Checkout a little eastern philosophy.

This is my favorite version of the Tao Te Ching. It’s a small pocketable version perfect for reading on the go or to keep on the nightstand.

I find it remarkably soothing.

Buy it.


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