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helpspot in the wild purple stork

February 27, 2006

It's not just technology companies purchasing HelpSpot. Purple Stork specializes in the design and creation of baby announcements and cards. Over the past month I've been working very closely with the team there as they have some very interesting needs.

Their workflow requires them to accept huge email attachments from their clients, generally full size high resolution baby pictures. They don't use the public portal, in essence they use HelpSpot as a back end for their ecommerce system. In the first two weeks alone their HelpSpot installation imported more than 1.3 GB of images via email. Far and away the largest number of any current HelpSpot customer.

They've had many good ideas for improving HelpSpot several of which will be in the next release, including a very snazzy feature which lets you tie other actions to your predefined requests, such as setting a category, making a note public, changing the status and so on.

It's always interesting to see your product used in a fashion you never envisioned. I'm discovering that is usually the case more often than not.

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