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helpspot beta released

September 12, 2005

Lots going on:

In the forums:

On the mailing list:

Because of your expressed interest in HelpSpot we wanted you to be
among the first to know...

Starting today, the HelpSpot beta is available for download!

As a potential HelpSpot user we value your feedback and view it
critical to the development process. As such, we're running a
HelpSpot beta September 12 - October 14. Beta participants are
encouraged to provide feedback on all aspects of HelpSpot. In
return, as our thank you, we're offering active participants a 50%
discount off the license price at the close of the beta.

If you're interested in participating, follow the link below to
complete the registration form.

HelpSpot beta registration:

Your continued interest in HelpSpot is appreciated and I look
forward to future opportunities to work together.

Thank You,
Ian Landsman
President, UserScape

I'll certainly have some more follow up tonight as well, but right now I have so much to do. For those who've been with me here for so long thank you!!! In the first 2 minutes we've had about 15 companies download the beta, I'm more than a little nervous!

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