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helpspot 24 beta is out

May 19, 2008

Whew, this release has been a bit more work than I intended. I think it's a really strong release though. It's one of those releases where on the surface it's not much different but there's a lot of meat just below. If you're interested you can find the full release notes here:

There's a bunch of performance improvements with filters and I think I've finally got the javascript caching down. All the javascript libraries are now minified, gzipped (if available) and cached. In addition, the browser now gets complete caching headers which should force long term caching. This should prevent them from being re-downloaded in some troublesome browsers ;-)

Some of the more requested features that are in 2.4 include the ability to set the inbox as the default for a category, a customer login for checking request history, round robin auto assignment for completely even workload distribution, and improved loop and stuck email protection.

If you're a HelpSpot customer or trial user and you'd like to participate in the beta just enter your email in the form below. I'm going to collect names for the next few days and then send out another round of beta emails.

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