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helpspot 120 is out

April 19, 2006

Whew! You may have noticed the cob webs around here lately. It's entirely due to trying to get this new release out. This one is far and away the biggest release since HelpSpot launched. It's a big weight off my shoulders to have it out there. Though I must admit I always find this first day very stressful. There's this fear that I've missed something major and everyones data is going to get hosed and then they'll come looking for me and beat me up with my own keyboard.

Beyond that though it will be good to be back. I plan on keeping things light over the next week or so. Just answering support and blogging a bit. It's time for a bit of a reset.

If you're interested you can find the release nots for 1.2 here:

It's somewhat deceptive because some of the "major new features" are very major and could have entire pages to themselves, but I'm not a big fan of making release notes long just for the sake of being long.

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