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google spreadsheets i still dont get it

June 6, 2006

Cool post on Google Spreadsheets via Dave

Maybe I'm dense but I still have exactly zero idea what the heck Google is doing. OK they're building an "operating system" for the web. They're building "Office" for the web. I just don't get why????

Google makes all it's money from search ads. Free Office products won't help it generate revenue. I also highly doubt that ads in the office products will lead to any serious revenue. Search ads work because I'm actively searching for something and an ad helps me find it quicker. Showing me an ad while I'm editing my spreadsheet isn't going to work because I'm not in the same frame of mind when editing a spreadsheet vs searching.

Second, I doubt this will have any true impact on Microsoft. GE isn't going to tell all their employees to go use Google Spreadsheet and oh yeah if you have problems ask the nonexistent Google tech support. Come on that's now how the real world works.

So even if this did hurt Microsoft I don't see how it helps Google. Any ideas?

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