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etech sorrow

March 8, 2006

Lots to say about eTech later, but one feeling I feel very often here which I didn't expect is sorrow. I feel sorry for many of the people here. Alot of them seem to be so caught up in the Silicon Valley dream that they're wasting their time on apps that have no chance to ever sell. No chance at all.

Half of them are social bookmarking tools. Heck everyone is building one. Maybe they don't know that there's already too many and nobody makes any money with them.

The other big thing seems to be "aggregation" technologies which try to do soo much that they are totally worthless. "See if you just do this, then that, then this other thing and finally push this button, then go over here you can aggregate your presentation slides with related book information along with some emails and a picture of Sting"....... um OK.

The people behind these ideas are really smart, I wish they'd focus their energies on solving problems instead of inventing/copying cool technologies.

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