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eric on boundries

January 19, 2007

Eric Sink has another one of his very insightful articles up. Basically about how all of "us" believe the little world we read and participate in every day is all there is and we're so so wrong. I was actually thinking about this same issue the other day as I realized I commonly recommend people to products I've never even used based on this little web ring we've created. It's like a little bizarro world and it's remarkable hard to break out of.

I always notice this when I find a new blog. It seems like so much work now to start reading a new one. I have the ones I'm comfortable with, the ones who all link to each other and share a sort of common understanding. Starting to read a new blog just feels like so much work because I don't know their world, when they link to Bob do they always link to Bob? Is Bob someone I should be reading? Can I understand this blog without delving into Bob's? I usually end up just leaving the blog because I don't feel I have the time to devote to a new one.

I guess by linking to Eric now I'm only digging myself deeper in eh?

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