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dimitris and helpspot language packs

October 5, 2005

Dimitris has been putting in a lot of time in playing with HelpSpot in non-US languages, Greek to be exact. So far so good. He's pointed out a few bugs which I've fixed for the next release, but otherwise it actually works! He's using it with Greek in both the interface and portal, emails are being sent correctly and things are humming along. Thanks Dimitris!

Also if you're in the market for web based CRM you may want to keep an eye on Dimitris's Magna CRM product:

I'm working on a few docs now to help guide others who want to work with the language packs. The basic information should be in the manual this afternoon.

I'm also interested in any information readers have on companies offering translation services. I would prefer to have one company I could work with to create 3-4 language packs, but I'm also open to working with individual companies/people if that doesn't work out.

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