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September 22, 2006

As the end of the month approaches I'm reminded yet again that the start of a new month is about to begin. This is always a sad time for me because my primary success marker is my monthly sales goal. So the beginning of the month means I'm back to $0 again and need to work my way up.

Of course it's fun to work your way up, well at least when it starts fast. More often then not though the first 15 days are very slow and the majority of the sales come in the back half. This phenomenon leads to a stressful start and gleeful finish. I've been very careful though to always put the last month behind me so I always have a new goal to shoot for.

It's kind of funny because my wife hates the stressful start of the month. Because I often know when big sales are coming in (because of working closely with the customer beforehand) she often roots for the sale to come in after the 1st while I prefer it to come in the existing month since I prefer chasing new monthly highs. It's all the same in the end, but it's a fun game nevertheless.

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