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another way your product may benefit in a downturn

Nightly news is mostly doom and gloom these days, but it doesn’t have to be this way for some of us ISV’s. If you’ve been smart (lucky?) enough to position your product mid market these could turn out to be boom times for you.

Fear and/or true financial need is almost certainly going to affect business and consumer software spending. However, there are some bits of software that companies (and to a lesser extent consumers) can’t or won’t do without. If you sell a product like that you may have just hit the lottery. Your product is now “right priced”, “the cost effect solution”.

This is not about being cheapest. In fact I think the cheapest software could be hurt. Junk is junk. However, many people purchasing software are going to take a closer look at mid tier when they may have previously only been interested in premium.