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help desk talk redux

So a few years ago I tried to launch a forum/community website around the help desk/customer service world. It was a complete failure. It’s unfortunate because there was some early traction, but I couldn’t devote the time or money to maintain it and it was overrun by spammers so I ended up taking it down.

Over the past few months I’ve thought of bringing it back and after asking around a bit I’ve decided to do so. I still don’t have much time, but HelpSpot is in a much more established position than it was then, so is the business and so is my ability to bring on help if needed.

The thing that keeps bringing me back to this idea is that there’s simply nothing else like it out there. Help desk related forums are always buried deep within general IT sites where they don’t belong. The help desk organizations have forums, but those are usually buried below white papers and conference announcements. There simply has to be room for a forum dedicated just to help desk professionals.

So this will be my last, best attempt at it. As often is the case I’m really going to lean on the support system that’s been built up on this blog and elsewhere online. If you have a blog, a link would be insanely appreciated. If you work on a help desk, tell your co-workers. Little things make all the difference in this type of venture and your support is truly appreciated!

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