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helpspot end user manual soft launch


I’m happy, proud, and relieved to announce the availability of the HelpSpot End Users Manual. The manual covers the features end users use on a daily basis (so everything except the Admin and Reports). While we’ve always had some documentation on the features, we’ve never had a complete guide to all the systems features (amazing isn’t it!). This manual fills that gap and covers the current 2.1.1 release.

What I really like about the manual is that it’s not so much click this click that click this, but focuses more on describing features, advice on how to use the most important features and general guidance. With Helpspot we don’t have much trouble getting people to understand the interface, the biggest challenge is getting them to understand how to apply the features to their help desk environment and see how they can improve their efficiency. I think this manual will go a long way in improving our customers experience with HelpSpot.

We hope to roll this out later this week or next week, but I thought I’d post it here first so it could get a little testing. So if you’re a HelpSpot customer or just an interested party I’d appreciate if you could download it and just make sure it opens for you, the fonts look right, etc. I know one person had a problem with the fonts, but we haven’t been able to replicate that yet so your help is appreciated!

I’m working on getting setup with an on demand printer so that we can offer full color printed versions as well. That should be ready in a week or two so if you’d like to order print copies that will be possible shortly.

I’d really like to thank Jamie who wrote the entire manual. Without her persistence this never would have gotten done. I’d also like to thank Mike Rohde who did the cover design and some of the interior design and Working with Words who did the proofreading.

Download the HelpSpot End Users Manual (pdf)