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After trying out 30+ helpdesk type programs, I came across HelpSpot. Am I ever glad I did! This program blows away the competition.

I was looking for a very configurable program, that would not only be used for a helpdesk, but also could be used as an estimate request type of program.

HelpSpot definitely fits my needs. Included is a lot of features that you dont find in other programs. One of my favorite features is that I have the program configured so the automation rules actually email customers after a set amount of days. Ive gotten quite a few jobs from just the program doing these automated emails. A great way to drum up business! Another great feature is that I was able to make use of the filters to sort them in specific categories so I can quickly find jobs in , jobs on the way, jobs recently shipped along with other filters I use.

For the 6 months previous to using Helpspot, I had been using another program that did the job, but that program didnt have the capabilities to come even close to what HelpSpot has. I had 2000+ requests on my previous program, so you can see the need to upgrade for a true professional program!

After downloading, and setting up the HelpSpot trial version, I knew this was it! Even though you get a 45 day trial, I ended up signing up for 2 users the same day I downloaded. Ive been using it since June of 07 and the program has run flawlessly! The support is also second to none.

Ian has done a tremendous job with this program! Version 2 has some excellent upgraded features that I didnt even think I would use, but found out that they actually helped make the emails and estimates flow even more.

If you are in the need of a great helpdesk program, look no farther than UserScapes HelpSpot!

Scott Farrell
Attitude Custom Painting