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iphone and a tip for important meetings

Scoble with an interesting post on how the iPhone stops strangers in their tracks.

The post reminded me of a good tip for business meetings. Back when I worked in publishing I had a boss who would always buy the latest handheld gadget. Didn’t matter what it was as long as it was just released and something nobody else is likely to have already. I remember in one specific meeting it was a shiny silver iPaq. He’d always put it in the middle of the table and conspicuously use it before the meeting started. Inevitably people would start to ask about it and a conversation would ensue. Before you knew what happened he was running the meeting. Not only that, but by doing this he’d broken the ice with the others attending and this often helped him sway them to his will. In fact if you knew what was going on it was almost scary the effect it had on the others.