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mike rohde on the microisv show

UserScape logo and website designer Mike Rohde was interviewed by Bob Walsh and Michael Lehman on the MicroISV Show. Lots of very interesting material in there. I especially like the parts relating to pretty graphics vs an all encompassing package and how graphics relate to the overall experience.

My favorite phrase, Mike Rohde “graphic support”. A great way to put it Mike.

Of course I’m extremely flattered to have been mentioned several times in the podcast (including in the first minute or so, sweet!). I’m really glad to have been a part of Mike’s dominance of the MicroISV design space (could be overstating that slightly, though not as much as you might think).

On a side note, Mike notes the Pareto Principle which is used in the new 80/20 report in HelpSpot version 2 (note this is just meaningless test data, but you get the idea):