in Historical

its alive version 2.0 is live. As I said in the previous post about the design I think this is Mike’s best work to date. The design looks really great. There are lots of little improvements throughout the site as well. A small sample include:

  • Big emphasis on the UI (the banner). We get loads of compliments on it so might as well shake it if you’ve got it 🙂

  • Trying out the “start a trial” in the banner idea.

  • Showing the base price on the homepage.

  • Showing a guarantee on the homepage (If you’re not happy I’d always give your money back, might as well note that)

  • Much improved call to action buttons with big yellow buttons instead of light colored links in the old design.

  • Newsletter sign up (hopefully I’ll actually have time to write one!)

  • HelpSpotted the HelpSpot blog. Should be useful for running the beta and building a little more community.

  • You can now request a hosted trial from the trial sign up page instead of needing to email separately.

  • Consistent side nav calls to action throughout site, including support forums which get lots of search engine traffic.

There’s lots more, but I’m too sleepy to go through it :-). Poke around if you get a chance and let me know if anything is broken, as I”m sure there must be.