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textmate still no bbedit

Erik beats me to a post I was about to write. A few weeks back I tried TextMate again. I guess I still don’t get it. Why do people like it? The two biggest features of a text editor are completely useless.

  1. The undo. As Erik mentions it only undoes each character one at a time. I thought maybe I was going crazy or there was some pref for this, but no. It literally removes one character at a time. It’s totally insane. BBEdit’s undo is so smart it almost reads my mind.

  2. Search. The search and/or replace of TextMate is unusable. It takes forever to actually do the search on any serious size project and it also locks the UI for TextMate up until it’s complete. BBEdit’s search and replace is super fast, allows you to continue while you work. It also allows you to keep an unlimited number of search results up and open, whereas TextMate only allows one open. Search for something else and the first is gone. It also doesn’t provide a preview pane of the search results.

I don’t see how you can use TextMate with these two functions so crippled. Otherwise it’s OK but I can’t believe they haven’t fixed these features which are so critical to any editor.