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switching up my dev environment

After 2 years on my existing development setup I’ve decided it’s time for a change. When I first started working on HelpSpot I moved from a PowerBook to a G5 tower. That worked out well because I really wanted to stay planted at my desk and during the first year of development that structure was extremely important. Now though I’d like a bit more freedom to work from remote locations and just general flexibility.

The new MacBook Pro’s have been calling to me since they were announced but buying a v1 of a laptop just seems like a bad idea, plus there would be too much of a performance drop off from my current setup (dual g5/4gb ram). With the release of the core 2 duo’s though I could no longer resist. My nice new MB Pro just showed up this morning. With the dual core and 3gb of ram the drop off from my desktop shouldn’t be too bad at all and the ability to run Windows is going to be fantastic. I can now get rid of the Windows machine I have for testing. I also purchased a 23″ Cinema display to use when I’m still in desk mode.

I’ll be posting the links up to the stuff I’m ebaying in a few weeks if you’re in the market. The delay is because I’ve decided not to setup the new equipment until I get HelpSpot 1.5 out the door. It’s very close now and I don’t want to go disrupting things. We’ll see if I can hold out!