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new feature rules

HelpSpot 1.2.0 (out this week) has powerful new Rule features which really let you manage your installation. The first type of rules are mail rules, just like you’d have in your desktop mail client. Mail rules allow you to route mail, instantly respond to certain types of requests and more. The second type of rules I call Automation rules. These allow you to set conditions under which existing requests in your installation can be modified in some way. For instance, if it’s been over a day since a custom received an update you could notify your staff and/or notify the customer, you could escalate it to a senior staffer and much much more. Below I’ve included a short video of how the rules interface works. It’s a pretty nifty wizard type UI. If the UI works well it will also eventually be used in creating filters, but for now I wanted to limit it to the rules to see how it works.