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Exciting AJAX Video!

I’m procrastinating a bit this morning so I thought I’d amuse you all with a little video of the first HelpSpot feature to use AJAX. You’ll also see the yellow fade technique used in the response, not sure if I like that yet. Will it get annoying over the long term?

Here’s the setup. In HelpSpot the main area is called the “workspace”. This is where you find all the requests assigned to you as well as any custom filters you’ve built along with some predefined fitlers like subscriptions, reminders, and SPAM. By default when you click the Workspace navigation item at the top of the screen it takes you to “My Queue” which is where items assigned to you go. However, sometimes this is not desirable. Often you may in fact want to make your default page one of your custom filters. This new feature is a tiny little feature which lets you switch the default page.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Exciting AJAX Video (14 seconds)

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