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web 20 is a bunch of

I’m so sick of “Web 2.0” I could puke. It’s just a bunch of bored technologists who don’t have jobs and have nothing better to do than make up new phrases and have a reason to go give talks and hear themselves speak. I remember last year Web 2.0 was web services. Now all the sudden Web 2.0 is AJAX and RSS. Please people get a frickin grip!!!!

Here’s what Web 2.0 is. It’s making better applications that solve peoples problems. Just like software development has always been. No users care what technology you use. They just want things to work and solve their problems. Software for the most part is evolution not revolution. So if you’re a software developer out there keep your eye on the prize and don’t get caught up in all this BS. Build products that solve problems and you’ll be just fine in the “Web 2.0” world.

BTW if I ever create a “meme map” I give you all permission to kick my ass.

This rant was provoked by the good folks over at 37sigs. Jason’s right on.