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textdrive rules

In my last post I lamented about not being able to use Textdrive for some test hosting because they currently aren’t taking on new customers due to a server move. Well, you have to love having a blog. It turns out Michael “Koz” Koziarski from Textdrive is a reader of this here blog. He has very graciously offered to get me setup.

Is that great customer service or what! And I wasn’t even a customer, just some guy who posted about wanting to be a customer. These are the things that build great companies and that create excellent word of mouth.

They have all the features I’ve been looking for plus Ruby as well as a bunch of other nifty things.

Update: I just got my setup confirmation email. They’ve put me on a special geek only server (sweet) and I even got a special geeky message not sent to the other normal humans who get hosting. You guys rock!

So anyone out there who needs hosting be sure to go check them out (when they’re back taking new customers, which I’m sure will be soon)