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how blogging really pays off

There’s always alot of talk about how to make money with blogs. While I think some people will do OK with advertising and such, the real money is and will continue to be in the indirect benefits of blogging. So not getting paid for blogging, but rather the opportunities it provides you. So in my case, have this blog has lead to a mailing list for my upcoming product which is many times bigger than I had anticipated. Of course I still have to “close the deal” to make the $ but I now have more opportunity than I would have without blogging. Another example of this hit my news reader today.

Bill Scott, a fellow who works at Sabre (it’s a GDS, I don’t have the heart to explain it but if you feel like being scared go read the history) and one of the developers of the upstart RICO AJAX library is leaving Sabre to join Yahoo. And get this, his job is going to be AJAX Evangelist! I have no doubt that he got this job at least in part to the great job he does on his blog talking about RICO and AJAX. How better to prove you know your stuff AND you can evangelize it?