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Poor Dave Winer

You thought I was going to talk about Podcasting, but you’re wrong! What I want to discuss is the deal between Yahoo and Now if I’m Yahoo and I have infinite money to spend why am I not buy instead of I mean is second fiddle to is the site EVERY reader pings, always.

A secondary issue is just the name. is a great name to own just on it’s own right. Alot better than the fairly confusing

Worst case buy both! If you really want to get in the game how much could it cost to buy both? A million maybe 2?

Alas I’m sure this is all do to the enemies Dave has made over the years. The funny thing is that Dave’s frumpiness is both his best and worst asset. It’s what has allowed him to get things done in the super competitive format space, but at the same time has alienated alot of people with the pocketbooks. Dave’s a bit crazy, but he deserves better this time.

Update: I didn’t really think about if Dave would want to sell given the opportunity ….. I wonder?

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