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More Advice for Cubicle Coder

“Ian, I doubt you’re reading this since I screwed up already – but thanks! A good kick in the ass was just what I needed. And yes – I’ll be blogging a lot more now!” (via Cubicle Coder)

  • No worries Cubicle Coder glad I could help give you a kick start! Trust me if you stick with blogging you won’t be sorry. It’s great for sifting out the bad ideas from the good and once you have some good ones it’s even better at spreading the word and helping your business. But you really have to stick with it. I’ve been at it about 8 months now and just recently I’ve seen a big surge in readers and people joining my products mailing list. It takes time, but you can’t find a better way to build relationships with potential customers, businesses, and sneezers.

While I’ve got your ear here’s 2 more pieces of advice 🙂
1. Please please enable comments. If you must use then open up the comments to allow people to just supply a URL/email to comment. Blogging is useless without it. Don’t forget it’s a 2 way street.

  1. Put your real name somewhere on the blog. It makes things much more personal. I understand if you can’t use your full name, just a first is fine.

Good luck!

ps. I’m subscribed so I expect to see some posting over there!

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