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Bloglines Great for Publishers

As a publisher (blogger) Bloglines gives me something that no other RSS aggregator does. The ability to see what my readers are reading. This is extremely powerful stuff. I have about 50 readers who read this site via Bloglines and of those about 20 have “public” feeds. Since I see the list of public feeds subscribed to this blog I can then back track and read what they’re reading. This leads me to alot of other great blogs and also gives me a huge insight into who my readers are.

For the most part they seem to be current or potential ISV’s which isn’t surprising, but is really nice to know! Of course this is just one aggregator and in general a small sample of overall readership but I think that with a sample size of 20 that it’s large enough to be statistically significant and not just a fluke.

Well you keep reading and I’ll keep writing, deal?

Hey, please check out what my readers are reading!

Bloglines readers via RSS
Bloglines readers via ATOM

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