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extreme makeover home edition

“This show makes me feel good, and yes sometimes I get a little teary eyed, and there just aren’t enough shows on TV that can evoke that kind of response from me.” (via Joseph Scott)

  • I couldn’t agree more. Me and my wife watch this show every weekend. When was the last time a TV show made you feel good? I honestly can’t remember. This show has single handedly restored a little of my faith in TV.

I also think this show is the future of television advertising. Now that our cable box has a PVR we rarely watch commercials. This trend is definitely going to continue as more and more “normal” households figure this out. EMHE of course has commercials but also does a great job of product placement. It’s integrated into the show in a way that’s not too obtrusive, because often I actually do want to know the company that provided the windows or what type of flooring that is. The Sears parts are a bit much but even they are better than watching a standard commercial.