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how not to do a small biz blog

I was checking my referrer logs and noticed an interesting post on the Free From 9 to 5 blog about a bunch of people starting small companies and blogging about it (I was in the list thanks Eric!). So of course I clicked through to most of the others. I was very disappointed to find that many of them are only sporadically posted to and even then not in over a month or more.

I just don’t understand why this is. If you’re taking the time to build a product, the risk of venturing out on your own, and already have the blog setup then post to it! There’s alot of people out there who want to read about what you’re doing. I’ve certainly found that out. Just the fact that you can have a sounding board for ideas is a huge help not to mention all the marketing possibilities, etc.

So you ISV’s get blogging!