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wordpress those lying cheating rotten bastards

Let me say right up front that I have no problem with making money or starting a business. What I do have a problem with is pretending to be a good upstanding citizen when you’re really just using that as a cover to steal from the cookie jar.

In a quickly breaking story it appears that WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has been using the main site for WordPress,, for SEARCH ENGINE SPAM!!!!!. Yes, the website is currently home to over 120,000 “articles” which are about nothing and whose sole purpose is to generate traffic for Google ads.

On top of this, the money which is being generated under the guise of an open source project (as well as donations) is in fact being used for him to start WordPress,inc and hire his first employee!

I must admit that I find this especially frustrating today because I’ve spent the entire day fighting off spammers on this blog. They appear to have found a way around the 1.5 security stuff and I was forced to go directly into the database and close comments on all my posts over a month old because I’ve gotten HUNDREDS of spams today. The stuff he’s doing is no different than these comment spammers and it makes me sick to be using this product.

via Joseph Scott

Link to post that broke the story

Link to google showing content spamming: GoggleUpdate interestingly in response to the uproar Google has already pulled down all the articles out of their index! Sweet. Click on the link and you’ll see none come up. Some are still available at yahoo.

A few direct links to bogus articles: Bogus 1 Bogus 2 Bogus 3