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Geek Drinks the Kool Aid

Geek News Central “So as the alarm clock rang at 4:30 am on a Saturday I got out of bed pissed off about how stupid could a company be for only having limited quantities on an official release day and went to the store. Sure enough 5 other people were already their and the earliest arriving person had shown up at 2. Of course they all had power books out and were chatting away about stuff I have never heard of. So when the discussion moved to me I talked about podcasting and some other subjects avoiding the fact that I was a hard core Windows user that was getting ready to drink the Kool Aid and have the wrath of my readership pound me to pieces.” – Heh. That’s about the 10th story I’ve read about Windows users taking this opportunity to get a cheap mac. It will be interesting to see how all this shakes out in terms of market share. Will the mini actually eat into wintel market share or will the majority of people buying it not actually be “switching” but instead going dual platform and using both?

Update: Another story over on cnet with the write keeping the mini in addition to his IBM ” I’m not going to trade my IBM laptop for a headless Mac, either”

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