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Alot of talk today about the Economist article about stratellite’s. I think this is going to be huge. It’s basically a super fancy blimp that stays in orbit 13 miles above the earth and has a bunch of antennas on it. It can provide cell, data, pager, and other communication signals for a tiny fraction of the cost of a satellite and if it breaks they can take it down and fix it. Try doing that with a $100 million dollar satellite. It’s also a great deal faster in transmission speed because it’s 13 miles up while satellites are 24,000 miles up.

I’m a shareholder in GTEL and for .13 a share you might want to get in while you can still afford it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you 😉

Update: I just noticed this. The average volume for GTEL is 3 million shares a day. Today 51 million shares were traded