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scobles got it right

Sunday notes…: “CorporateBloggingBlog reacts to our book project and misunderstands something. He thinks that another book project is more exciting simply because it calls itself an ‘open source book.’ Um, hello. What do you think ours will be? It’s going to be done 100% in the public. Oh, you mean his book will be distributable for free too? Well, here’s a clue: anyone who wants our book will be able to read it online for free. But, here’s the rub. If you want your boss to read it, he might not get into it online. He might want a paper one.”

(Via Scoble.) – Sometimes you have to give something away to get something else. We’re going to be doing some of this with our

help desk software. Should be very interesting. I’m sure this will be a big success for Scoble. Right now nobody in the blogging world can generate as much buzz as he can. -–|–