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looking at the wrong side of persistence

Looking at the wrong side of persistence: “As long-time readers will know, I’m not impressed by the typical object-relational schemes used in PHP. They are primarily derivative of Java with all its disadvantages and none of the advantages because there is no real persistence. The object is recreated on every page reload due to PHP’s shared-nothing design. But I do think one type of persistence is worth-while implementing in PHP+Javascript. It’s client-side persistence. I’m talking about a gmail style model, where the objects persist on the client, the web browser.”

(Via PHP Everywhere.) – It’s hard to get ready for this new age when in the past lots of developers avoided any tricky javascript which was often difficult to make work well cross browser. In

HelpSpot we’re taking a middle ground approach using some nice JS to enhance things like queue’s. I think most apps will end up being more this middle ground than the all out gmail/oddpost model. These models are really bad on accessibility and there really hasn’t been much progress in moving js or flash into a highly accessible medium.