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msn spaces launched

MSN Spaces Launched:

Dare Obasanjo (who works at MSN now): MSN Spaces Launched.

I’ll have more on this later tonight. Basically it won’t be up totally until 9 p.m. tonight. There’s a bunch of things that will come up tonight sometime. I interviewed the MSN Spaces team for Channel 9. I think you’ll like that interview a lot.

In fact, I got permission to post the links. So, here they are. This is a conversation I had with Michael Connolly and Jim Horne of the MSN Spaces Team.

Interview with the MSN Spaces Team (Channel 9 video).

Demo of MSN Spaces (Channel 9 video).

I am posting from a Starbucks. Gotta go back to work now to get these up on Channel 9. I’ll link to the ugly, bad, and good reactions from the blogosphere too.

The main posting URL won’t be live until tonight. The URL is:

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