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php savant templete engine

What rock have I been under? I don’t know how I missed ever seeing the Savant template engine. I found it in the list I linked to yesterday. This looks like the thing I’ve been looking for. For the client pages/front pages of HelpSpot I’ve been looking for a good lgpl solution for templating, because I really don’t have the time or energy to write my own.

It wasn’t looking too good since most are extremely complex and would probably require alot of customer support as well as just being tricky to develop in. What I wanted was something straight forward that our customers would be able to pickup quick AND that used PHP as the template language (this is what knocked most of them out).

PHP is a template language so I don’ t really see the value in things like Smarty that abstract the logic. What’s the difference if somebody needs to learn:

<? if($name == 'Fred'){ ?>
Welcome Sir.
<? } ?>
                    <br /> OR<br /> <pre><br />

{if $name eq ‘Fred’}
Welcome Sir.

                    <br /> Anyway, Savant appears to be perfect for us. I'll keep you updated on how it works out.