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talking to the owner

April 30, 2008

There's something really great when you can talk directly to the owner of a business. It's a feeling you don't get a lot in the virtual world I mostly deal in unfortunately. What's got me thinking about this is that we're building a patio around our pool (previously it was incomplete and just dirt!) and most of the companies I've gone with for the various components are small. The owner is on site at least part of the day here. It's great to be able to talk directly to the guy making the decisions, the one who's name is on the line.


Being able to talk to me is one of the main reasons for HelpSpot's success in my opinion. Customers love having direct access to the decision maker. Of course, as a company grows the founder can't answer the phone forever, but it's an element I plan to always retain in some capacity as UserScape continues to grow.

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