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stanford university newspaper sells links to anyone

April 19, 2005

Update to the Update: Looks like it was initially correct and as JD points out below the ads are on the .edu domain as well. Pretty shocking stuff.

Update: Looks like this might be BS since it's on a .org domain. So now I'm just a little surprised Stanford hasn't sued their pants off. :-)

Wow, I can't really believe this. Stanford, the school which owns many patents Google uses and the home of Google are essentially using their school newspaper website to give pagerank to spammers. For $300/month anyone and I mean anyone can post a link directly on their homepage. Check it out:

Look along the left side and at the bottom. Alot of casinos, drugs, poker, etc.

Does Stanford really need the $300 bucks? Here's what their endowment page says:
"Stanford is fortunate to have one of the largest financial endowments among U.S. institutions of higher education. As of August 31, 2004, the value of the endowment was $10 billion."

I used to work at a college and I'm really surprised they would even want to be associated with these types of organizations. The college I worked at was very careful about that sort of thing.

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