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service level agreements

November 27, 2005

Version 2 of HelpSpot, is going to have many more features revolving around the management and automation of tasks involved in handling service level agreements. Many of these features will be generic in terms of being functional for both formal SLA's as well as simply automating escalation of requests and so on. I'm still trying to balance in my head the amount of information the system needs to know about a specific SLA vs leaving things tied more loosely. It's a bit tricky because non SLA HelpSpot customers will likely be confused if there's too much service level agreement stuff, while SLA users will want those extra touches.

This is all in pretty early planning. I don't plan on having version 2 out for at least 6-8 months, but I like to start getting these ideas down early so I can iterate over them.

If any of you out there use SLA's in your day job I'd love to hear about how you implement them and where you could see improvements in the process by better integration with your help desk solution (no matter what that is). I'm also looking for good links and books on the subject if you know of any.

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