HelpSpot Update: Mail integration Now that we’ve got the general application framework in place, things like authentication, error handling, etc we’re moving on to some of the core functionality. The ability to pull messages in from multiple mailboxes is a primary feature of HelpSpot. We have to reliably pull in messages from multiple mailboxes and… Read More

A short review of Textmate Textmate has taken the OSX coding world by storm over the past few weeks so I thought I’d download it and give it a go. I’ve been using BBEdit for a long time however I wasn’t too impressed with version 8 (especially the terrible alphabetically ordered drawer implementation) and it’s… Read More

HD Stories: The Interview “ <i>Still helpdesk and it’ll still *SUCK* profusely</i>” – from <a href=””>Shades of Grey</a>… Read More

HD Stories: Toshiba 2400 “The devil lives inside of a Toshiba Satelite 2400 laptop.” – from Voodoo Prophet… Read More

Choosing a development lang: PHP vs CF vs Py Though I’ve already made up my mind as to which language I’m going to use for my companies new software product I thought working through my thought process might be helpful for others. First let me describe the technical requirements. My software, HelpSpot, is a help… Read More

Development Tips Alex King posted a nice tip I use alot about imploding an array to make a separated string without having to worry about having an extra separator left on the end. One thing I’ve noticed alot in PHP is people not initializing their variables. I’m not sure why this is but it’s really… Read More

Dual Samsungs Umm I love my dual Samsungs (see below). If your a programmer go out right now and get a dual monitor setup. I just purchased the 2 screens and the G5 about a month ago and it’s best money I’ve ever spent. I’d say my productivity is about double using the new setup.… Read More

GDS “The only advantage Google has over other desktop search is tight integration with their website. While some people seem to be impressed with seeing the word ‘Desktop’ added to the Google homepage, I think the tight integration and blurring of the line between the Web and the desktop will result in confusion and concerns… Read More

Motivation Well I had a big spiel all planned out for my first posting, but then I read Adam Curry’s latest post (go ahead and read it, I’ll wait. You may need to get caught up on Podcasting if for some reason you haven’t heard about it yet) I realized right then I had to… Read More