Some mistakes I’ve made in which have lost us B2B sales over the years: Lack of follow up. Make sure you have a process in place to follow up on every deal. It’s really easy in a small company to lose track of these deals, but it’s even easier for big enterprise buyers to lose… Read More

People go to conferences with the wrong mindset. They feel as though they have to get a lot of information out of it or make a lot of contacts. They need to justify the expense with volume. For me, I only ever have one goal and that is to get one actionable item from the… Read More

This is simply a beautiful interview. If you’re in business there’s no way you can’t love the clarity of his vision. The elegance of his presentation. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.… Read More

You spend a lot of time as a bootstrapped software founder on a knife-edge. How can I afford to start a business? Will the business succeed or fail? Will anyone buy my product? Once you overcome these questions you need to start thinking about hiring. There are a lot of great reasons to start hiring… Read More

I’m a big Seth Godin fan. You can see the signed #32 print of Purple Cow above. This print is probably my favorite bit of internet/tech swag. Anyway, he wrote something tonight that really struck me as getting at the root of why so many software developers fail as founders. I’ve preached it for years,… Read More

Laravel Gurus is a little labor of love site I run. It’s a simple listing of Laravel/PHP consultancies across the world. People kept asking me where to find a Laravel consultancy, now I just point them here. Version 1 was built on top of Wufoo, which was kinda crazy. For version 2, I rebuilt everything… Read More

There’s been a lot of talk about tech being in a bubble lately, making reference to the Internet bubble of 2000. I generally don’t agree with this, however, I do think we’ve reached a Hubris Bubble. This tweet conversation really sums it up for me. In an environment focused on squeezing every last dollar out… Read More

One of the worst parts about running a business online is overexposure to excellence. The world is a big place. If you’re on Twitter all day as so many of us are, you’re bombarded with excellence. Competitors whose design is better, who have more features, who have better features. Peers who are smarter. People you… Read More

This quote on the latest Bootstrapped Web (a podcast I really enjoy!) by Jordan struck a nerve with me Do you hire for the least important things or least impactful things like customer support and customer success. Or do you actually hire for the most strategic things like content marketing, email marketing. I’m not trying… Read More

This tweet from a developer at a local company got me thinking about the software product lifecycle. How good products get made: Idea -> Design -> Code-> Design -> Code -> Launch -> Design -> Code -> Launch — mario pabon 🐴 (@restlessbit) January 24, 2016 Perhaps you can think of building a product this… Read More