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leaving features out again

February 15, 2006

As some of you may remember, before I launched the HelpSpot beta I was forced to make a tough call about web services. I really wanted them in, but in the end there just wasn't enough time to do everything so I had to leave them out of the beta. Well, poor web services are getting pushed aside again.

I've had talks with several potential customers and large organizations and one of the things I've known I'm missing is turning out to be a big problem. HelpSpot needs a way to set rules to create reminders and do other tasks automatically. This has been on the drawing board from day one and I was planning on doing it after HS 1.2 comes out with web services, but now I've swapped them and I'm going to do rules/SLA management in 1.2 and push back web services. I really hate to do it, but the rules/SLA stuff is just a glaring omission that needs to be addressed. Web services have already waited 6 months, I suppose they can wait a few more.

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