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Laravel Gurus 2

January 28, 2016

Laravel Gurus is a little labor of love site I run. It's a simple listing of Laravel/PHP consultancies across the world. People kept asking me where to find a Laravel consultancy, now I just point them here.

Version 1 was built on top of Wufoo, which was kinda crazy.

For version 2, I rebuilt everything on Laravel 5.2. You can now request to be listed directly from the site (revolutionary!).

My favorite part of the site is the map. It's just wonderful to see how Laravel is embraced across the world.

There's currently 238 agencies, consultancies, and freelancers listed. If you're not already listed make sure to get listed. If you are already listed you can now manage your listing. Use the password reset with the email address you originally signed up with.

Big thanks to all the Laravel community tools that make building this easy.

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