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jquery wow

December 11, 2006

The new product is using the jQuery javascript library and all I can say is wow. It's the most amazing library I've ever used, especially considering how messy javascript is to deal with in general. One of my goals for the new product is really to limit the amount of code throughout the system. I'm trying to be a lot cleaner and more condensed then I ever have been. So far it's really working out well between CodeIgnitor and jQuery I'm writing practically no code at all. Just kind of hooking things together. It's still very early though and I'm really just laying out some basic UI components and admin areas.

Anyway, what really helped me get started with jQuery is the visual docs. It's a much better interface then the alphabetical list. The way you select elements is so powerful and ingenious that it truly blows my mind. In fact if everything tests out as well as it seems to be working I'm going to seriously consider moving from prototype/ in HelpSpot to jQuery.

Another interesting anecdote is that I was able the to meet the jQuery creator at BarCamp 1 in NYC. I don't remember if I even spoke directly with him, but I did hear him speaking about what he was up to with jQuery and see him use it a bit. I got a really good impression from him and had a good feeling that he knew what he was doing. It's funny how those personal interactions make such a difference.

PS. before I get loads of comments on it, I will be announcing the new product shortly. The only reason I'm really waiting is I really wanted to have both the logo and the new UserScape site up before announcing. The logo is done, but we're still a little ways off on the website. I'm going to see how far we get with that this week and make a decision after that.

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