August 22nd, 2019

One of my very first goals when I conceived Thermostat was to make it truly accessible for bootstrappers and small businesses. #

If you've never surveyed your customers or rarely do give Thermostat a look. The free plan lets you survey 200 customers a month. That means you could survey 1200 customers twice a year or 2400 customers once a year. #

HelpSpot doesn't even have 2400 customers so I know most of you bootstrappers out there will fit into the free plan just fine. #

Tracking your NPS has some great advantages even for small businesses. The score itself is of course useful as a guide for your customer happiness, but for small businesses the written feedback component of the Thermostat surveys are really the key. #

Most small businesses never speak to their customers after the sales process and if you're a SaaS business you probably have a high percentage of customers you've never interacted with at all. Getting insight into what those customers are thinking is extremely important. #

If you do have a chance to check out Thermostat please let me know what you think and how we can improve it. #

P.S. If you're a reader here and you want some of the features the paid plan offers just ping me on Twitter, I'm happy to send you over a discount if the base price is too high for your small company. #

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