July 22nd, 2019

I made a number of fixes to the site including responsive iframe embeds. I've also updated the Atom feed so that RSS readers should show each days post as containing new content when I add more throughout the day. #

Apparently readers rely pretty heavily on the 'updated' element of the entry in the Atom feed. I don't recall this from RSS feed days and it's kind of a pain with this static publishing model as for now I have to manually update an updated timestamp. I can't just use the file modified times as that changes when you pull in from git and could be days later if I've edit the site from different locations. #

I have a few ideas on how I can change the build process so that I don't have to manually tweak it, but I'm just going to leave it manual for now until it pains me enough to write more code. #

nas last tapes The Lost Tapes II has some really good tracks. I especially enjoy Vernon Family, Tanasia, Adult Film, and It Never Ends. #

y-12 workers Over lunch got randomly sidetracked into reading about nuclear weapon designs which lead me to finding this amazing 1940's photo of the workers at the Y-12 National Security Complex where they were separating Uranium for the Manhattan Project. #

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood trailer.... #

  1. I'm not looking forward to 2 straight hours of crying
  2. It's the perfect role for Hanks, and Hanks is perfect in it, but I don't want to remember him as Hanks.

Anecdote, Mister Rogers was my college commencement speaker and he was PERFECT. Also, it's insane how old this video looks 😬 #

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