July 20th, 2019

I'm experimenting with a new format for the blog. I hate how so much of my writing is tied up on Twitter where it disappears nearly instantly. #

Replacing Twitter with blog posts doesn't work for me though, because many of the things I'd like to share are short and blog posts where the title is about the same length as the content are just odd. #

I also find having to create a title for short posts as a huge source of friction and is one of the great benefits of Twitter. Creating a place I could write title free is critical. #

So I've busted out this old school format. The original blogs like Scripting News often were running logs of varying lengths. Usually organized by date and only having titles for longer articles. #

I'm hopeful that this will become my place to post ideas that aren't full articles, but which I also want to last longer than a tweet. #

To follow along you might want to dust off your RSS reader and subscribe. #

I decided to add a daily email option to the journal so you can subscribe and each night receive an email of that day's journal. I don't love this to be honest, but I know most people don't use RSS feeds and even less are going to visit daily in a browser, so it seems like a practical reality. #

It's going to be fascinating to see how I balance writing here and on Twitter. Will Twitter become mostly RTs and Memes? I also don't want to constantly link to here from Twitter, yet I'll likely put some interesting things here that people on Twitter might be interested in seeing. In any event, so far people seem to like this idea. #

The journal is all being processed via Tighten Jigsaw and I'm using Netlify to host my site. I really wish the Netlify deployment process was faster. It's not a huge deal, but for these short items it inherently feels like they should appear instantly. I wish Netlify had an option to just use my preprocessed files vs it having to build my site on every push. Perhaps I can switch over to using S3's static site hosting at some point. #

@fideloper is getting Thermostat's CI setup moved from Codeship (🤮) to his new sidegig project https://chipperci.com. Looking forward to this. #

I'd like to do more video stuff like this as I work. Some really interesting copy editing examples in here as well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV5psWs0gSs&feature=youtu.be #
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